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Valerie is a passionate performer and teacher of belly dance, a timeless art of self expression and a celebration of femininity. She is based in the New York/New Jersey area and is specializes in fun, lively, interactive performances. She has been studying and performing belly dance since 2001 with various teachers including Serena, Jenna and Aszmara. She began teaching belly dance classes in 2006 and currently performs in and around Montclair, NJ and New York City.

She has performed in productions with Venus Uprising (see a video from the Tarot Fantasy Belly Dance performance), Scott Wilson, as well as other ensembles. She is currently performing with Shazadi Dance Project.

Accolades from Valerie's Classes & Performances

"I was blown away by her beauty, grace and power. Valerie has a groundedness, precision and awareness of her movements that make an impact. She dances with her heart."

"The best belly dance class I've ever taken!"

"She could melt the ice off a frozen windshield."


Available for: birthday parties, anniversaries, bridal showers, corporate & non–profit events, children's parties, sweet 15/16s, teaching engagements and private & group classes for individuals, children & women's groups.

Valerie also works at a website design, development and hosting company,, plays clarinet with various chamber ensembles and holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. How does she do it all?  Read her article featured in the June 2010 issue of New York Resident: "Tranquility in Midtown Manhattan".


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